Before heading to the shoot, check our homepage for any adverse dirt road conditions. Questions, lost or road problems? Call: (602) 327-7933 for help.

The Normal Route

For North bound 93 traffic, go north of mile marker 111, find next dirt on the right side of the road.

For South bound 93 traffic, go south of mile marker 110, find next dirt on the left side of the road.

Note large vinyl sign for SHOOT. Signs will be placed from the HWY 93 turnoff to the shoot site.

WGS84 Datum ‘GPS’ (DDMMSS Format): 34°52’05.3796″N -113°35’18.9456″W

Web Maps (Decimal Format; Google maps): 34.868161, -113.588596

Here is the first simplified map, made for the shoot site that has the updated names of the roads.

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