To keep us all on the same page, these are the expectations of all attendees at the Big Sandy: Range Guidelines

The questions below may address a concern you have. You are always free to contact the Big Sandy managers if something is unclear…

What’s the goal of the Big Sandy?

The Big Sandy Range is a facility for the shooter and for all involved to have a great shooting experience. There are many excellent shooting facilities, ranges, events and gun shows in the United States, but MG Shooter’s Big Sandy Range is unique with a .25 mile long firing line and a 1200 yard maximum distance. There are over 1000 reactive targets, RC aerial targets, extended night shoot with pyro and thousands of NFA weapons. Those that come to the Big Sandy, come to shoot. On average there are over 1.92 million rounds fired per shoot . Ask any person that has been to the Big Sandy, it is called the largest shoot for a reason. Shooters come from all over the United States and the world, to shoot at the Big Sandy.

What will I see and do?

SHOOTERS have a physical space on the fire line and use their own weapon systems to engage unique and safe targets. The range is designed for sustained automatic weapons fire as well as artillery and destructive devices. The Big Sandy offers a freedom to the collector to operate their prized assets in a supportive, familiar circle of friends without the limitations of more restrictive state control.

SPECTATORS observe the shooters operating live systems and socialize with the community. They can also rent individual and crew served firearms from the current, rotating inventory of the rental tent.

VENDORS have access to provide services and goods to shooters and spectators.

The weapon systems on display are never guaranteed to return to the shoot and be available for your experience a second time. Each shoot has unique pool of weapons and appear at the will and freedom of their owners. Just because you saw a video of jeep with a Lahti 20mm mounted, doesn’t mean that will be at the next shoot. You never know what you’re going to see at the Big Sandy. Come to every Big Sandy and you’ll never miss that time twenty 50 BMG’s were all lined up and firing on command.

What does it cost?

For current prices, see an active registration form or the registration page. The general public are spectators. Then there are shooters and vendors.

Can Spectators Shoot?

Yes! Spectators can rent time with a real live machinegun at the rental booth near the flag pole on the firing line. Available weapons varry from shoot to shoot, but there will always be small subguns, medium battle carbines, 30 cal and 50 cal belt feds mounted on tripods. Click For Rental Info

Spectators can also attend firearms classes which are live fire. 30 minute classes for sniping and tactical carbine for $30. Also one on one, 60 minute classes for anything you wish to be taught such as combat pistol. The cost of the special one hour class is $60. You need to provide your own firearms and ammo.

Can I take pictures?

Considerate, non-professional photography is allowed, given that consent of the person being photographed or the person’s equipment being photographed has been obtained. Please ask first, as most shooters allow photographs. Please be respectful of those that do not wish to be photographed. They will give you the “stink eye” and that’s your cue to back off.

Recent airspace congestion has forced us to restrict UAV “drone” cameras without prior authorization and coordination from Big Sandy media.

New spectator basic info

A spectator is one that does not own, or chose to bring, a machinegun- yet is interested in coming to see the event, shooting various machineguns rented from MG shooters or participating in matches or special instruction classes. We welcome spectators to attend the Big Sandy Shoot and feel we have lots for you to see and experience. Spectators will pay at the gate- pre-registration is unnecessary.

It is important to us that your visit to our site is safe as well as fun and exciting. A road map, as well as an aerial map, are posted on this site, along with many detailed directions. You are encouraged to print them off, as getting lost is not something we enjoy hearing about. Our machinegun shooters are not only collectors, but are also into the history. You will see things from the very old (Gatling gun) to the very newest (minigun). They can tell you not only the guns capacities, but in which wars and battles they were used. Fortunately for us, most enjoy talking about them.

There is a daily shoot schedule and match listings on the EVENTS page. They are also listed at registration desk or the firing line flag pole board.

Food is available for purchase and all profits this year from food sales will be going to the 4-H Club in Kingman. Food will be on site from Friday breakfast, through Sunday breakfast.

Some basic items that your should have for a day in the desert:

  • Hat
  • Suncreen
  • Ear Plugs
  • Eye Protection, sun glasses
  • Flash lights
  • Lawn or camp chair (easy to cary)

This is a pro-gun shooting range, but we do not allow the general public or even full priced shooters, open carry of side arms. It would be impossible to personally vouch for everyone, so MG Shooters will supply armed security on the property of Big Sandy shoot. You don’t need an accidental discharge to keep things exciting. If you still have questions about the shoot, spectators please call 928-266-6566.

What about range safety?

All visitors enter the MGShooters Range at their own risk. All visitors (Shooters, Spectators and Vendors) are required to sign and date a release waiver before entry to the range.

Only authorized personnel are allowed beyond the firing line, into the impact area or beaten zone. Shooters and spectators are not authorized at any time. Do not attempt to walk down range for any reason. If you need something picked up, ask range safety officers in panic red shirts to advise a solution.

Ear and eye protection are required at all times when the flag is up (Hot), day and night. Ear and eye protection are required at ALL times in the Subgun and Match area.

The Range Safety Officers must be obeyed at all times.

Periodically, the line will shut down to replenish the reactive targets. Weapons may not be handled when any personnel are downrange. Contact a range officer before touching guns after the line has shut down. They have radios to confirm that the last man has returned from the impact area and that the range status is ALL CLEAR.

Sidearms are not permitted to be carried, except by security and no alcohol is allowed.

What about parking?
  • Shooter parking is located in the respective area directly behind the line position(s) that are listed on your registration form. Parking must be behind the parking line. For Un-loading and Loading of equipment, it is acceptable to backup or pull-up to your line position, then unload/load. If the firing line is OPEN, please get the Range Officer permission before driving a motorized vehicle in the walkway.
  • Spectator parking is located on the lower portion of the range, approximately 100 yards from the firing line. Spectator parking is FREE. Camping is also FREE in the lower parking/spectator area. There is no electrical service or potable water. Porta Johns are located in the spectator area.
  • Vendor parking will be as agreed on a case by case condition. Please contact Kenton to discuss your needs.

What kind of security is there?

MGShooters LLC has assembled a large loyal range officer department. They are identified by panic red t-shirts, Big Sandy logo and the word RANGE SAFETY in large, encouraging letters. Primary duties are policing the firing line, shooter RV camps, explosives magazine, registration and spectator campground. MGShooters LLC is not responsible for the theft or loss of equipment. Each person is responsible for securing their weapons, equipment, ammo and accessories. Contact and report to any range officer immediately if any loss or suspected wrong doing.

The reactive targets are stored in a magazine near the match area. The magazine is a restricted area; please do not attempt to approach the magazine area.

Are there medical facilities?

All injuries or accidents shall be immediately reported to an MGShooter Range Safety Officer. EMT’s and Medical doctors are present at all shooting events. MGShooters is equipped with a Med-Evac plan if the need arises.

Where is the Big Sandy Shoot Located for ATF Form 5320.20?

For ATF Form 5320.20 information, please contact us HERE or call us at 602-327-7933.

What about vehicles? ATV’s , Mule’s and Jeep’s?

Shooter’s or spectator’s auxiliary, motorized vehicles such as ATV’s, quads and dirt bikes are no longer welcome at the shoot on any part of the property. Only MGShooter approved motorized vehicles are allowed to operate in the area between the parking line and the rear of the firing line.

Are there any concessions?

The Kingman 4-H club is available for food and refreshments for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open Friday and Saturday.

What about communications. cell phones coverage, etc?

Cellular Phone coverage is available at MGShooters. Coverage is moderate but is acceptable for most common cell services.

What kind of facilities are present?

Porta Potty’s are provided at the rear of the firing line, in the match area and in the spectator parking area. They are scheduled for cleaning every day.

Non Potable water is available on a limited basis. Please bring all drinking and potable required. Remember this is the desert.

There are no facilities for Gray water or Black water. Please transport to the nearest dump area. Dumping facilities exist in both Kingman and Wickenburg.

Bag and pack all trash. Brass sacks are available for steel, brass, links. Please use them. Please pick up all brass from your shooting area.

What about camping and lodging?

Camping in the lower area is FREE and is available on a first come first serve basis. There is ample space for parking and camping at the lower level. An RV park is available in Wikieup 10 miles south on Highway 93. Nearest formal motels are in Kingman, approx 1 hr away. Most prefer to camp at the Big Sandy Range.

Portable generators are restricted from 2200 to 0730 hrs both in the lower area and the main firing line/shooting area. Please be respectful of others during this time frame

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