Big Sandy Rentals

The SPECTATOR entrance fee, plus the price of the gun rental is all you need to rock and roll. Have you seen weapons in movies, TV or first person shooter video games? Ever wonder how close those are to the real thing? This is where you can find out, all day long. We have AK’s, M16’s Tommy Guns, Uzi’s etc… along with heavier mounted guns like the Browning 30 and 50 cal beltfeds. All ready to make a pile of brass casings under your feet.

Some scenes from the Big Sandy Rental Booth

Weapons and Pricing

M2HB, 50 BMG $25.00 per 5 rounds

All others $35 per 20 round

Firearms 1919A4 30 cal BMG, PKM, PK, SG-43 Goryunov, assorted battle rifles, M16, AK, SMG’s, Thompson, Uzi, Beretta, S&W 76, PPSH-41

MG Shooter’s LLC is the only unit renting weapons. The selection of automatic weapons varies from shoot to shoot. MG Shooter’s LLC is not required to provide specific weapons on demand. The rental booth does not control the flight time of the target planes and can not always align your rental with them. The rental booth is located at the approximate center of the firing line, near the flag pole, bulletin board and range tower. No user supplied ammo is permitted so all ammo will be provided by MG Shooter’s LLC.

For questions about the Rentals Booth, please contact Matt Tallarovic at (928) 221-7451 or via the About Us page.

For custom guns during special events within an ongoing Big Sandy shoot, or for private range time, please contact Kenton Tucker at (602) 327-7933 or via the About Us page. With advanced notice/booking, almost any weapon system can be arranged.

Large Group Rentals

If you and five other friends would like to shoot but don’t have your own firearms, Big Sandy can rent you something from inventory during the shoot. To make advance arrangements, please contact Kenton Tucker 602-327-7933

Big Sandy Test Center

For use of the Big Sandy Range for private or commercial purposes, please see Big Sandy Test Center

Training Courses

The Big Sandy training that was normally held during the Big Sandy Shoot is suspended until further notice. The information below is what we can offer after the main shoot. Give us a call ! 602-327-7933

The Big Sandy Range has teamed up with experienced and professional instructors from the military and law enforcement community to offer a wide array of firearms training courses

30 minute group classes: $30

Sniping/Marksmanship $30

(Confirm your zero before the sniper match!) This class will focus on the fundamentals of marksmanship using a scoped rifle. A zeroed rifle with approximately 25 rounds will be required for the class.

Combat Carbine $30

Private Individualized Classes: $60/hour

These one on one or small group, customized classes are done in hour long blocks. The class will be tailored to your request and can include topics such as combat carbine, submachinegun, sniping, combat pistol, belt fed machineguns, etc.

Renting of weapons and purchasing of ammunition for classes can be coordinated with MG Shooters upon request. Prices vary depending on weapon and ammunition type and availability. Call or email for more information.

Classes will fill up fast. If you have any questions please call or email for more information and to coordinate scheduling.

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