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The core members of MG Shooters LLC have been hosting recreational target shoots in Arizona for 30 years. First as friendly groups of machinegun fanatics, then invitation only and eventually hosting the largest machine-gun shoot in the world. We have gradually evolved the scope of the events and the type of the targets and attractions that make such a shoot fun today. Early mentors Mike Dillon and Bob Faris led to the 1990’s Dry Creek events outside of Flagstaff, AZ. Eventually, condensing this into MG Shooters LLC and the spectacular Big Sandy Range between Wikieup and Kingman, AZ. MG Shooters LLC has maintained the Big Sandy Shoot since 2004. They played an integral part in multiple video, film, website clips and TV shows around the world. This mass media has directed world wide attention to the unique United States freedoms that the Big Sandy Shoot showcases. It is the largest privately owned, civilian based, machinegun shoot.

Snail Mail

P.O. Box 5672
Scottsdale AZ 85261
(602) 327-7933
Fax: (480) 990-0189

Ed Hope

General Manager
(928) 266-6363

Kenton Tucker

Range Manager
Firing line, Group Rentals, Property Bookings, Shooter Information, Registration, Unique Special Weapons Demos, Armorer, General Information.
(602) 327-7933

Matt Tallarovic

Business Manager Sales, Rental Booth, General Info
(928) 221-7451

Colt Howard

Long Range Match Director
Big Sandy Long Range Shooters
(928) 710-7353

Rent/Lease Big Sandy

The Big Sandy Range is available for rent/lease, special outdoor projects group rentals during the main Big Sandy shoot and unusual events. Please contact Kenton Tucker 602-327-7933 for your needs a

Video/photo Submissions

Got pics? Email Rob! rob762x51@gmail.com If you have video, or a lot of photos (zip those up), use the uploader tool.

Rob is also looking for interested, amateur video geeks who might consider donating their time covering the Big Sandy shoots. If you want up close access to hot cases, muzzle blast and smoke- with a camera or mic in your hands- send him a note. No professional production services, all content becomes exclusive property of MG Shooters LLC.

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